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Regarding background & launch information

The First-ever and the only 0xStudio community membership pass

As growing up cherishing arts from different generations, one can dream to one day open own gallery. Letting self and others appreciate your curation must be the best feeling in the world.

At 0xStudio, we have strong curation and strict due diligence process to choose whom we partner with. Therefore, we will support artists, creators, brands to release different collections of NFTs in the form of art and others.

It is time to give an opportunity to our supporters, community peers, and anyone to be able to build your own gallery or collection by having a perpetual access to all projects we are curating from now.

What is 0xOG Pass?
It is an art-focused membership pass that allows you to enter private mint round to mint 1 NFT in “Phase 1” of all projects 0xStudio will release from now. More information and announcements can be found at 0xStudio official twitter page. We define “0xStudio’s Projects” as the projects those we announced as “Launch Partner”, “Technology Partner”, and “Founding Partner”.

Who are the core team behind 0xStudio?

0xStudio = (Web3 maximalists + experienced developers + artists) to the power of 6

Radiosolace — 0xStudio CEO, the leader, a Web3 maximalist, a prominent NFT collector, a thought-leader, and an artist-first BUIDLer. Usually called “Radio”, he was a Xoogler then completely shifted to Web3 full-timer, focusing to build and elevate this space to higher ground.

REi — 0xStudio COO, the head of operations, an NFT collector, a thinker, and an eloquent writer. REi was an Ex-MIT researcher & Web2 TMT GM. He is well-equipped with critical thinking & deep passion for arts of different generations.

Delta — 0xStudio CCO, the head of strategy, a crypto veteran, a tokenomic master, a professional statistician, and a strict generative art critic. He is also
a Partner and CIO at Delta Neutral Defi Fund as well as a seed-round investor of top regional CEXs. Delta is ranked Top 15 on Debank.

Pussycat — 0xStudio Co-CTO, an experienced full stack developer, and
a machine learning & an AI expert. Her attention to details is second to none. Her skills in Web2 from one of the global tech giants help build the best Web3 applications.

Madpug — 0xStudio Co-CTO, a developer veteran. He is in fact one of the most experienced developers in the region he resides. He is pushing Web2 boundaries in one of the global tech powerhouses. And he is now doing that for Web3 at 0xStudio. He is the real otaku who is passionate about anime arts and cartoons.

Abaoaqu — 0xStudio Artist in Residence. He is an experienced artist specialized in pixel art. Usually called “AB”, he is also a musician. He uses 0xStudio as a platform to innovate his own creation while supporting art direction for 0xStudio NFT projects. AB is simply an introvert nerd whose mind speaks loudest via arts.

Apart from core founding members above, 0xStudio is scaling at the moment, recently adding 0xPepper to the roster as NFT/crypto market analyst.

Why 0xOG Pass and what does it mean to 0xStudio?
At 0xstudio, we are an artist-first Web3-as-a-Service (WaaS) company. We believe that the artist and other creators are the ones those push the boundaries of culture. More information about us. We empower and enable artists, creators, and brands with technology, consultation, and advisory. In addition, we strive to push the standard of the industry while innovating new services those further support the ecosystem.

Therefore, NFT from 0xStudio-powered projects are highly sought after. We want to make it possible for 0xStudio believers to obtain our products. 0xOG Pass allows holder to have an access for private mint of One NFT from each project. One NFT for the culture, the belief, the product of hard-working team to build your own gallery while driving these projects one step closer to a success. BUIDL better together.

0xStudio: Artist-first Web3-as-a-Service (WaaS) company and incubator

Where can I find 0xStudio project lineup?
Please follow 0xStudio official twitter account. All announcements have been and will be made there. We will never do any stealth launch, impromptu mint, nor DM you first.

What is the total supply of 0xOG Pass and mint mechanics?
0xOG Pass will be limited to only 1,000 passes without further release.
To ensure gradual organic growth, we will release with the following mechanics:

Initial Drop
- 80 passes will be reserved (and airdropped) to those who have helped built 0xStudio and supported 0xStudio along our journey up to now and the team.
- 100 passes will be kept in reserve for 0xAlumni. 0xAlumni consists of
co-founders & artists of 0xStudio projects. Like in a school, 0xAlumni is a club for Web3 builders that will keep bouncing ideas & collaborating.
- 100 passes will be available for public mint.

Subsequent Drop
- Total 0xOG Passes for subsequent drop will be up to 720 passes.
- In a given day, there will be 4 passes available for public mint.
- 1 of the 4 passes will be available to mint every 6 hours.
- Once total passes hit 1,000. There will be no more available pass to mint.
- Artists and founders those will work with 0xStudio in the future to receive 0xOG Pass (1 pass per person) as long as they are available in 0xAlumni reserve.

Where do I mint and when are the mint dates for 0xOG Pass?
0xOG Pass official website (URL TBA) will go online on Thu Apr 14th, 2022.
- Exact mint date and time TBA. Please be noted that there is no allowlist nor waitlist for 0xOG Pass.

How much will it cost to mint an 0xOG Pass?
1.8 ETH per 0xOG Pass excluding gas fee. This is a fixed price during initial public sale and subsequent public sale

Allocation of 1,000 0xOG Passes
2 stages of 0xOG Pass mint: initial drop and subsequent drop

Why only 1,000 0xOG Passes?
We believe this size will keep holders closer. It will let us hear everyone more clearly. We don’t want to go 10,000 or even 5,000 Passes. 1,000-Pass is the optimal community size that we are comfortable to work with.

Why two-step drop with so little amount upfront?
We believe that good teams must prove themselves over time. We would rather let people make decisions on whether they want to join us over time rather than forcing people to speculate on our success now. This will grow our community slowly & healthily while we keep BUIDLing ⚒️. The community will grow with us. Vice versa is also true. We have no intention to rush the sales but focus more on organic growth.

What if people want to mint more than 1 0xOG Pass?
We are aware that some might want to snipe more than 1 0xOG Pass. We have developed the smart contract that a given address with multiple 0xOG Passes will not be granted additional benefits. Therefore, one should mint only
1 0xOG Pass. We do this to ensure that we distribute these 1,000 0xOG Passes to as many holders as possible.

Where will 0xOG Pass mint happen?
We will do both initial drop and subsequent drop at our official 0xOG website (TBA).
This is the only channel you will be able to mint 0xOG Pass and nowhere else.

What are 0xStudio projects that 0xOG Pass can be used to access private mint?
Please check announcements at our official twitter page. To start off with, we have confirmed 4 projects you can use 0xOG Pass to mint one NFT each. Future 0xStudio projects will be announced more later. Please check 0xStudio official twitter page.

1. Ugly People by Jorge Torrealba

2. LonelyPop by Noinah Bush Robins

3. Dreamy by FAHFAHS

4. Uncertainty Principle by Archan Nair

I heard 0xOG Pass is an art itself?
Yes, you hear it right. We have a bluechip digital artist, perhaps one of the best in the space designing 0xOG Pass. Please stay tuned for more information soon.

0xOG Pass designed by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




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